Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

christmas tree image

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you all keep safe and well.

The team at UK Auction List are taking a break now, as it's been a pretty exhausting year, with adapting to the "new norm" and the launch of our new website (which we hope that you like!). 

Auctions have finished for 2020, and auctioneers will start releasing their new catalogues of 2021 from early-mid January onwards. We will start uploading properties into our database as soon as these catalogues are sent to us!

Hopefully as the new year progresses, we will see auctions slowly return to the room, so that every auctioneer in the UK can participate again. In the meantime, remember to contact the auctioneers to find out how to bid on their online platforms.

If you have a property or land that you wish to sell, simply complete our short Property Details form and a member of the auction team will call you for a chat in early January.

Take care, folks!

All the best

Lottie and the UKAL team X