Sell at a property auction

A property auction can be a fantastic way to sell if you’re looking for a quick and secure, stress-free sale.  It provides both a transparency of sale and high degree of certainty rarely available through private treaty methods. This ensures that your property is sold to a buyer willing to pay the most on the day.

All types of properties can be suitable for sale at auction in the UK. These include residential properties, which are vacant or tenanted, land, development sites, commercial and retail premises. Ground rents, HMOs and mixed-use opportunities are also popular auction lots.

Derelict or properties for modernisation or refurbishment most commonly attract individuals who are looking to purchase a property with huge potential value.

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Our auctioneers sell properties via the Traditional Method of Auction (not the Modern Method). If your property sells, you have the certainty that it will complete 28 days later! As the buyer is required to pay a 10% deposit and exchange contracts on the same day, they are legally committed to the purchase. They can’t pull out without forfeiting their depost, which gives you, the seller, more security.

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