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The digital age is truly upon us and is the only way forward. 2020 has accelerated the use of digital technology throughout numerous aspects of our lives.

Whether for work meetings via Zoom, social contact via video calling or video tutorials to live tutorials. At some point over the past year, we have all increased our level of digital use. This rapid migration to digital technologies driven by the pandemic, will continue into the recovery. This is the ‘new norm’ as they call it.

For the auction world, traditional ballroom auctions had come to a halt and still have for most. With properties and land selling online only, we lose a level of confidence as buyers are pushed into this new method of purchase. Now this is only normal. We are all creatures of habit and change is an obstacle that many will resist to overcome. After all, property is one of our most valuable assets.

During the past year and while in national ‘lockdown’, Connect UK Auctions were able to take a step back from numbers and focus on providing value to their clients.

Welcome – Auction Academy

Their academy consists of numerous videos, structured to educate buyers, sellers and general property enthusiasts on all you need to know about property auctions. From the industries terminology to expert advice and valuable tips on how to progress and make the right decision for you.

Accessible to all, these videos provide an ‘insider’s guide’ and valuable content in order to open up the auction world to all. No longer privy to the professionals, the academy encourages you to become ‘your own auction expert’.

Providing education to clients and giving value in advance is paramount to ensure the trust of all buyers and sellers alike.

The stigma of property auctions only selling repossessions, structurally damaged properties or complete refurbishments is no longer the case. Auction companies sell a high percentage of properties in excellent condition, bought by the owner occupier as their next home. Due to the speed and security of the auction method, this percentage will only increase in the future, providing value to all clients.

There is a general stigma that surrounds the auction world.

“I’ll take a financial loss if I sell via auction.”

“Only buyers with deep pockets can buy at auction”

“Auction buyers are cash only purchasers”.


Learn the truth behind the auction world. Become your own property auction expert today.