Property Auction Sites

There are many property auction sites out there, but we believe that we are the best due to the wealth of information that we provide our visitors. If you want to know anything about selling your property at auction, or buying property at auction, simply visit the Selling and Buying areas within our auction site.

We are one of only a handful of property auction sites that provide up to date and accurate details on forthcoming property auctions around the whole of the UK; Working closely with the UK auction houses, our subscription-based service allows our members to view informative property auction listings. These include details such as:

  • guide prices

  • auction dates and full catalogue entries for all the lots in our database

  • unsold/available lots from past property auctions

  • UK auctioneer’s directory – all on one property auction site!

In addition, if you are thinking about auctioning your property, UK Auction List – partnering with leading auction houses throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - offers a truly comprehensive service. It doesn't matter what type of property you have, or where your property is, as our auctioneers are all over the UK.

We have sold many properties at auction in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, and one of the main things we can guarantee is MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, with our properties featuring on some of the biggest property auction sites and portals such as Rightmove, Prime Location and Find A Property, as well as receiving a prominent listing on UK Auction List, reaching millions of potential buyers.

Property Sites UK

There are plenty of property sites in UK, but how can you know which one to trust with your auction sale or purchase? Some property auction sites are big names, but they can be pricey, or you may not receive the attention or advice that you deserve.

We’ve been around since 2002, have lots of experience and pride ourselves on our customer relationships. You don't need to pay a single penny to us to receive a free auction appraisal, and if you decide to progress, then our auctioneers will advise you on everything that you need to know including setting the right reserve price, managing the viewings, advising you on how to complete the legal documents, etc.

If your property has been on the market for ages or you need to sell quickly, find out more about auctions! There are many UK property sites, but we are one of the few happy to assist you without immediately trying to tie you into a contract. So why not call us on 0845 053 6906 or send us a few details via our Enquiry Form, and one of our property auctioneers will give you a ring to chat through your requirements. Find out how much your property would be worth at auction - it's all FREE, NO OBLIGATION ADVICE, so get in touch!

House Auction Sites

Our interactive website offers you the opportunity to discover houses, flats, homes and residential investments in your area or further afield.  Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned professional, you will find that UK Auction List provides more advice and information about buying and selling at auction, than other house auction sites.

The properties that we display in our database are supplied directly by the UK auction houses allowing us to provide auction house hunters and property investors with a comprehensive list of current properties for auction throughout the whole of the UK.

By registering to our house auction site, you will receive on-line access to detailed catalogue entries for each property that you see in the Free Search area.

Unlike some of the other house auction sites, we also provide you with access to our Property Auction Calendar which details forthcoming property auctions in every region of the UK. You can also peruse our  Auctioneer Directory containing contact information for every auction house in the UK.

Auction Sites UK

Thousands of bargain hunters are turning to the UK's auction rooms in the hope of landing the home of their dreams at an affordable price. The majority of property auction sites in UK only list local auctions, while we list property for auction throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – a “one stop shop” property auction site that saves you time, and that will hopefully help you to find that perfect property.

Try our user-friendly and free property auction search to check out residential, commercial, ground rents, and land for auction in the UK. If you see something you like, simply register for full details of every single property we have listed on our auction site - and remember, new auction properties are being listed every week as auction houses release their forthcoming catalogues. So keep checking back for both new lots, as well as unsold properties from past auctions.

Best Property Websites

Well, we’d like to think that we are one of the best property websites in the UK!  However if you are looking on a number of property auction sites, we would always recommend that you contact them directly to discuss your requirements, whether you’re looking to buy a property at auction, or are thinking about selling.  Do your own research about the company and don’t just take their word about being one of the best property auctioneers!  Look at their recent sales results, perhaps attend one of their auctions to see how they perform, speak to other people who have used their property auction site in the past, and then make your decision.

Our high level of service is based on an extensive national property auctions database providing you with an accurate guide to the forthcoming commercial and residential auctions around the UK. But looking even at the best property websites is not enough.

We would always recommend:

1. Contacting the auctioneer directly for further details and arranging a viewing of any property of interest to you.

2. Always ensure that you refer to the addendum on the auction day, which lists any late alterations, guide price changes, withdrawals or prior sales. It is important that you read this document before bidding to see if there is any significant new information.

If you are thinking about selling your property at auction, our past sales results confirm that we are one of the best property websites to help you achieve this.  We are partners with a number of the UK’s leading auction houses who deliver exceptional sales expertise for people who wish to auction their property through us. Give us a ring on 0845 053 6906 or take a couple of minutes to fill in our property enquiry form, to take advantage of our free property auction valuation and chat with one of our auctioneers further about your requirements.  We look forward to hearing from you!