We advise to only search for properties on our website itself, as this shows the most up to date information. By searching for auction property via Google or a similar search engine, their results sometimes display links to old properties on our website, from past auctions. So, BEFORE YOU REGISTER, if you have found a property of interest as a result of a search you have entered into your search engine, always search for it again via our Homepage, to ensure the property is currently for auction and appears in our database. Our monthly subscription of £9.95 and three monthly subscription of £19.95, provides you with daily access to full catalogue entries for each of the auction properties that appear in our database, together with contact details of the auction house.

Before you register: If you find a property for auction via a search that you have put into your search engine, always check on our actual website and search for the same property, to ensure that it is a current auction lot..

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