Notice: During the Coronovirus outbreak, properties will be offered via Online Auction platforms by the auctioneers, with internet bidding along with Proxy and Telephone Bidding. Full information will be provided by the individual auction houses. READ MORE

New Year, New Property For Auction!

We hope that you all had a lovely break, and wish you a very happy New Year.

The auction houses are busy collecting entries for the first auctions of 2020.  Catalogues will start to be released from mid January and the individual properties going under the hammer, will be uploaded into our database as and when we receive them.

Currently, there are still plenty of unsold properties from December auctions in our database, and early catalogue releases from Mark Jenkinson, Auction House Hull and Austin Gray.

To give you a bit of an overview of our service, UK Auction List displays the properties going to auction around the UK as and when the auction houses send them over to us.  We don't send out catalogues or email information on specific properties, as our database changes on a daily basis as new properties are added, and others removed post auction.  Please note that we are not auctioning any of the properties you view in our database, they belong to auction houses throughout the UK and you need to contact them directly if you want to find out more about viewing or bidding on a property or attending an auction.  ​All the properties in our database are for auction in the room - not via online bidding.

(To search for all current property and land, we advise to only search directly on and not via a Google (or similar engine) search, as sometimes these display 'tagged' pages which when clicked on bring you to old auction properties).

By registering to UK Auction List (9.95 monthly,£19.95 three month subscriptions incl. VAT), you receive access to:

Detailed descriptions for each property that you see in the free search area (including unsold lots). The de​tails are displayed as they appear in the auctioneer¹s catalogue, and include the address and a full details of the property, auction date and time - the venue is in the catalogue.

Street-view and Google Map location for each property.

A link to the full auction catalogue (if available) and a link to the auctioneer¹s website.

Auctioneer contact form and/or telephone number for every property, allowing you to email or call the auction house to find out further details, request a legal pack or to arrange a viewing.

Full access to our auctioneers directory providing contact information for auction houses around the UK, plus to our auction calendar displaying forthcoming auction dates, as and when confirmed by each auction house.

We would suggest keeping your search broad and see what results are displayed. If you narrow your search criteria too much, then there may not be any results, as there are a lot fewer properties to auction than for sale on the open market. As mentioned above, the database changes on a regular basis as new properties are added, and those from past auctions removed - we also list unsold lots dating back three weeks.

The auctions take place all over the UK, throughout the year.  There is a break over Easter, in August, and another from mid December to mid January. Some auction houses hold 6-7, the smaller ones between 1-4 per year. Our Auction Calendar is updated on a regular basis with dates and times of the auctions as when they are available from all the auctioneers.​​

To fin​d out more about the properties, or if you wish to attend a viewing or an auction, then you will need to call or email the relevant auction house to enquire further and they will help advise you of everything you need to know in order to view, and subsequently bid for a property (including legal pack information and the fees involved/deposits payable). This applies to the Unsold Lots as well ­ you would need to phone the auctioneer to see if the property is still Unsold, or available to buy.  All their contact details are together are on the Contact Auctioneer page, which you can access once you are a member.  You can also view them within their catalogue if they have them, or by clicking on their website link.

For further information about auctions in general, we suggest having a read through of our FAQs on the website.