Quick Gardening Tip!

Grow Weed-less

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the weeds are established before taking action. If that’s your strategy then you’re bound to spend wasted hours of pulling and hoeing in a vain attempt to catch up with overgrown weeds.

Know thy enemy! Being able to identify your weeds from the moment they germinate will enable you to eliminate them when they are young and easier to control. At that time a light cultivation of the soil’s crust is sufficient to kill most sprouting weeds.

Other weed control techniques include using organic mulches, limiting or eliminating tilling, never allowing bare soil to be exposed, and our favourite; using a living mulch of cultivated crops to deprive weeds of the favorable conditions that they need to germinate and grow.

Also, be sure that you NEVER allow weeds to flower or set seeds in or near the garden. Follow these simple suggestions and over time you will spend less time weeding and more time growing and enjoying your garden.