Clive Emson' late summer success


Clive Emson's latest triple auction event once again proved a very popular affair. Prospective bidders know that those Lots catalogued are not put to the market to test their popularity but are entered into the catalogue by Clients motivated to sell.

Much of the media seem intent to drive the economy downward with their insatiable appetite to report on the economic downturn which, Clive Emson believe, is sub-consciously placing doubts in all of us about the future and, in particular, values of land and property.

Thank goodness not everyone takes too much notice of the media but chooses to make their own mind up and continue to invest in bricks and mortar at value for money levels. The market is, however, certainly hardening and cash buyers are choosing carefully and bidding more cautiously than they have seen for some time. However, if Sellers are utterly realistic with their reserves then they are in an excellent position to enjoy a successful sale. This can be seen in the results from Clive Emson's September sales – a 70% success rate and almost £13.5 million being achieved on behalf of our Clients.

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